Monday, November 21, 2005

Saddam's Trial to Resume Next Week

Saddam Hussein's trial resumes from its 45 day hiatus on Monday and, unless there is another delay, the trial will likely be in full swing when the Iraqis go to the polls on December 15 to elect a new government.

Perhaps the most interesting blog I've seen related to this topic is called Groatian Moment, and is a legal debate by an expert panel on the legal issues surrounding the Saddam trial. Here is the blog's abstract:

As arguably the most important war crimes proceeding since Nuremberg, the trial of Saddam Hussein is likely to constitute a "Grotian Moment" -- defined as a legal development that is so significant that it can create new customary international law or radically transform the interpretation of treaty-based law. This Website features key documents related to the Iraqi Special Tribunal, answers to frequently asked questions, and expert debate and public commentary on the major issues and developments related to the trials of Saddam Hussein and other former Iraqi leaders.

In the opening day of the trial on October 19, the presiding judge, Rizgal Mohammed Amin, earned a lot of praise for his patient and professional nature. Despite courtroom antics like the "My Blankie" incident I wrote about, and Saddam openly challenging his authority, Judge Amin remained calm and handled himself well. Amin's patience will surely be tested with further courtroom antics by the defendants, and it is critically important that Judge Amin keeps his wits about him so as to ensure a verdict that is well accepted by the Iraqi people and by the world community as being fair and just.

Next week will be very interesting indeed.....