Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Jordan Blasts

Earlier today, terrorist explosions rocked three major hotels in Amman, Jordan. The Washington Post quoted Jordanian deputy prime minister Marwan Muasher as describing the blasts as "apparent suicide attacks". So far, over 60 people, mostly Jordanians, have been confirmed dead in the attacks - a number likely to rise over the next few hours as victims succumb to their wounds. One of the bombs was detonated in the middle of a wedding party that was taking place in a ballroom in one hotel.

The blasts today had some parallels with the attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, which I wrote about a few months back. Like that attack, the motives of the terrorist scum in this attack are extremely perplexing. The suicide bombers gave up their own lives for their cause, and yet all they achieved was the wanton murder of dozens of innocent people, most of whom were fellow Arabs and Muslims, just like the evident perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Which suggests one fundamental question: why? Why would someone want to randomly kill so many innocent people? And why would that person be willing to give up his/her own life in the process? The answers to these questions are beyond any logical comprehension.

My thoughts and prayers tonight are with the victims of these heinous attacks.