Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Terrorism and Elections

Terrorists really do not understand America. They don't understand what makes this place tick. They proved this on September 11, 2001. They proved it again time and time again in their kidnappings and grisly murders of innocent American civilians in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I've read in the newspapers recently that terrorist groups are planning terrorist attacks timed around the US presidential elections in a couple of weeks, with the hope of producing a similar effect to that in Spain immediately after the train-bombings there.

These terrorists just don't get it - attacks like that might work in Spain, but they won't work here. They'll backfire, and blow up in their faces.

To understand America, you really need to live here among Americans, to talk to them, go to church with them, and hear their reactions to the news. What you realize is that the "Wild West" mentality is very much alive and well here. While an attack against another country may scare them off, against the United States it will only deepen Americans' resolve.

Americans take war seriously. America was born in war (the American revolutionary war against Britain), and has fought many wars over its history and in recent years has been involved in a number of successful military interventions (Grenada, Panama, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, etc.). They do not like getting into wars, but when they do, they play to win. Attacking America does not make it afraid, it simply makes it angry. The Japanese found this out the hard way after Pearl Harbor in World War II.

I remember watching on the news a few months ago, and saw a picture aboard the US Navy Ship "USS Kitty Hawk" and saw an interesting flag, that looked a bit like the American flag, but with a rattlesnake on it and the words "Don't Tread on Me" in bold letters. I found out later that this flag has been around since 1775, and is actually the predecessor of the regular American flag (the Union Jack) by about 10 years. The flag is called the First Navy Jack, and was first flown by the Revolutionary Navy in their fight against the British.

The First Navy Jack (copyright navyjack.info) Posted by Hello

I think the First Navy Jack perfectly sums up America's attitude towards terrorism and terrorists.