Tuesday, January 16, 2007


These two guys deserve medals. And, if I were President Bush, I would be flying them to Washington to present them personally:

KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Two civilians thwarted an attempted terrorist attack Tuesday when a vehicle loaded with explosives attempted to crash through the front gate of a U.S. base in the Afghan capital, according to the U.S. military.

The two men, an interpreter and a security guard, dragged the apparent suicide bomber from the vehicle before he could detonate explosives, said Col. Tom Collins, the chief spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

"I think it's a pretty amazing and heroic event," Collins said.

He said that at about 9 a.m. Tuesday (10:30 p.m. ET Monday) a driver crashed his vehicle into Camp Phoenix, the base where the Afghan National Army and police are trained. The driver reached for what appeared to be a cord to detonate a bomb, he said.

"Amazingly, a couple of Afghans who just happened to be on the scene there realized what was happening," Collins said.

"Anyone's inclination would have been to run away but these guys are genuine heroes," Collins said.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Job

This is a busy week for me. I am wrapping things up at my old job. My last day at my current job is tomorrow (Friday) here in New York, and I report for work at my new job on Monday in Toronto. I will be spending two days in Toronto, then three days in Winnipeg, then I will be back in New York next week.

I expect I will be able to spend more time on my blog after I start my new job: one of my favorite times to write blog posts is from an airplane, and I will be spending lots of time traveling on airplanes in my new job.

To all my regular readers, thanks for your patience, you'll hear a lot more from me soon.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saddam Execution Farce: Guard Arrested

Earlier today, news reports from Iraq indicated that Iraqi authorities have arrested a guard over the release of an unauthorized cellphone video of Saddam's execution.

Frankly, I find this very disappointing. In my opinion, whoever took this video and released it is a hero, not a villain. He risked his own safety to show the world what really happened in that execution chamber. Iraq's government should be going after the idiots who were chanting "Muqtada, Muqdada, Muqdada!", not the person who took the video.

Some people need to get their priorities straight....