Saturday, March 10, 2007

Y2K Deja-Vu

Computer specialists rushing to patch systems and dire warnings about problems with computer scheduling. Did I just wake up in 1999 again?

Nope. This isn't Y2K, this is Y2K7. The year, the law rolling back the start date for daylight savings time kicked in.

I wrote about this law back when it was first passed in 2005. As I wrote then, the US Congress seems to have rushed this bill through, without giving any thought to the repercussions to the computer industry.

Over the past month, my staff at work have been busily patching every PC, laptop, server, network switch, phone system, firewall, VPN gateway, and everything else we own. We have spent weeks dealing with this problem, and I'm sure if you look around at many other companies, you will find a similar pattern. And all this nonsense just because some congressmen thought it would be nice for kids to be able to do their Hallowe'en trick-or-treating in daylight.

Shame on them!