Thursday, September 15, 2005

The "Zone"

I'm a night owl and get some of my best and most creative work done between midnight and 4 AM (although if I ever stay up this late, I am like a zombie the next day if I have to go into the office in the morning). Sometime after midnight, the creative juices in me start flowing, and I find myself in what I like to call "the Zone", and produce work that I would look at the next day and say to myself, "wow, I wrote THAT?".

Two nights ago, I was up until 4 AM working on my presentation that I will be delivering at the big conference next week. Right before I logged off to go to bed, I ran across Laila el-Haddad (who is in Gaza) online and chatted with her about "the Zone" and how it always seems to come for me very late at night. It's ironic, since the next night Laila seems to have really found her "Zone" too - she visited Rafah, took a bunch of pictures, then went back home and stayed up late writing one of the best journalistic articles I've ever seen. Laila, if you're reading this, you should feel very proud of yourself, your post is superb!

Laila's post, "Across the Killing Field" is well worth the read - click here.