Friday, August 12, 2005

Hassan in the Washington Post

A few days ago, my friend Hassan in Baghdad was interviewed by a reporter named Jonathan Finer from the Washington Post. Today, there was an article about Hassan on page A14, titled "Iraqi Bloggers Describe Life Lived Amid Long Turmoil".

Here is an excerpt:

BAGHDAD -- Hassan Kharrufa said he had never heard of Salam Pax when he created his Web site "An Average Iraqi" ( ), but he's following in the famous blogger's footsteps.

Pax was the screen name of the Iraqi blogger whose musings from Baghdad, written as letters to a friend in Amman, Jordan, were widely read during the U.S. invasion. He later became a correspondent for a British newspaper, the Guardian, and wrote a book. Kharrufa, 20, an engineering student in the Iraqi capital, is one of a legion of new bloggers who have emerged with the expanding Internet access enjoyed here since the U.S. invasion in 2003.

Congratulations, Hassan! I'm really happy for you. The Washington Post is a major newspaper, and it's a big honor to have an article written about you in it.