Sunday, July 31, 2005

Legal Fight in the Blogosphere

Today was an interesting day... Khalid Jarrar wrote a post about his experiences behind bars in Iraq, and MadTom wrote a post on his own blog along with a comment on Khalid's blog:

madtom said...
"He asked: you are accused of attending terrorist sites (Did he say that they are sites that recruit young people for terrorism? I don’t remember) so what do you say?"

LoL, they got that part right. Raed's site is the worst terrorist site on the net. You should have confessed right away!

MadTom's comment seems to have really struck a raw nerve with the Jarrar household - here is what Raed wrote on MadTom's blog:

Raed Jarrar said...
Mr. MadTom

I'm publicly informing you that I'm planning to ask my lawyer in the US to start the appropriate legal actions against you. I'm planning to sue you for both libel and slander, for the things you published on khalid's blog, and your blog.

I'll give you the next 4 weeks as a break to either delete your comments and posts and apologize for your lies, or prove your false accusations.

If you believe you're doing the right thing by accusing me of supporting terrorism, you shouldn't be afraid of sending me your personal contact information, or of publishing them in public, to make it easier for us to go to the US court and solve this small misunderstanding legally.

I assure you, Mr. MadTom, that the US courts would be fair to both of us, you shouldn't hide your identity from me. I won't publish your contact info if you didn't want me to.

Delete the comments and apologize, or prove that I support terrorism.

I challenge you.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days...