Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings

Earlier this morning, a number of bomb blasts rocked the London public transporation system, hitting buses and subway trains. So far, there are only reports of two people confirmed dead, but I am sure this number is going to grow substantially as they pull people out of the wreckage.

On the surface, these attacks seem to have been well coordinated and timed in such a way as to cause extensive disruption. Consider this:
  • The attacks took place on the first day of the G8 summit in Scotland, obviously intended to send a message to the attendees.
  • Londoners, like New Yorkers and residents of many other major cities, tend to depend heavily on public transportation rather than private automobiles to get to work. These attacks this morning have completely disrupted this public transporation system.
  • The attacks took place near the end of rush hour, a time where there are likely to be a lot of casualties, but also a time when most Londoners would have already arrived at work. By disrupting the transporation system, now many Londoners are stuck there without a decent way to get home. This afternoon in London will likely be chaotic.

While it is still unclear who perpetrated this attack, this type of coordination bears the hallmarks of al-Qaeda, and bears a striking similarity to the coordination of the Madrid train bombings and the 9/11 attacks in America.

What is clear from these attacks is that the terrorist scum who perpetrated them are among the lowest forms of life on this planet. The people riding those trains and buses were a regular cross-section of London, just a random group of innocent people whose only "crime" was to be on a train on their way to work. What purpose did killing those people this morning serve? Nothing!

Terrorists who randomly murder people like this are the epitome of the word evil, and deserve nothing less than to be hunted down like the ferocious beasts that they are, and to burn in hell afterward.