Monday, August 30, 2004

A bad day...

The Train
Author Unknown

It's not my job to run the train,
The whistle I don't blow.
It's not my job to say how far
The train's supposed to go.
I'm not allowed to pull the brake,
Or even ring the bell.
But let the damn thing leave the track
And see who catches hell!

Information Technology (IT) can be a thankless job sometimes:

1. If you're doing your job well and the computer systems are working flawlessly, nobody notices you. But, when they stop working, EVERYBODY notices you.

2. Even if it wasn't your fault the computer system had a problem, the users assume it was.

3. Users always assume the stuff they don't understand is easy to do, and shouldn't take you very long.

4. Doing an IT job is like competing in the high-jump: if you jump over the bar, they'll keep raising it until you can't jump over it anymore. If you do a good job, all you do is raise the user's expectations for the next job you do for them. Later, if you ever fail to meet these elevated expectations, they'll blame you for it.